Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fascinating Facts About Bee Pollen

There are many fascinating facts about bee pollen, especially now that it is in the news. The main concerns are that bees are ingesting toxins from polluted plants due to manufacturing or GM farming. There are worries that the microbes from GM farming can get anywhere and everywhere and the health risks are unpredictable to say the least.
In Tanzania, in the Manyoni district, the authorities have decided to introduce demonstration farms. The idea is that farmers can move from producing tobacco crops to other cash crops, simply because the bees will no longer be attracted to the tobacco flowers which, of course, contain nicotine.
The authorities there want to encourage the production of the purest possible bee pollen and honey. They are therefore illustrating on the demo farms how plants like millet, sunflowers, cotton and sesame are much more profitable and also help the bees produce the best quality bee products.
Although only about 25% of Tanzania's honey is exported to European countries, the beekeepers are anxious that the quality of the bee products is preserved, They are also educating farmers on the benefits of preserving the wild vegetation on their lands so that the bees can have enough nectar and flower pollen to help with the production of honey.
But the actual composition of the pollen provides some more facts about bee pollen. There is a rich supply of all the B vitamins which is why it can give us so much energy. Combine that with the astonishing amount of enzymes, amino acids, other vitamins and you can see why it is called nature's perfect food.
Another fascinating fact is that this substance has been used for centuries by many ancient civilisations from China to Egypt to ancient Rome. They all praised the qualities of the bee pollen and the honey to the skies and they were well aware of the great boost it gave them. In ancient Rome it was considered as a sort of food for the gods and a common household greeting was:- "Here is honey and pollen, provided by the gods, to protect your health". Just one of the fascinating facts about bee pollen from the ancient world.
If you happen to consume locally produced bee pollen, you may well find that you can get relief from your seasonal allergies. If you start taking the local pollen a few weeks beforehand, it acts as a sort of immunization and will provide you with some relief.
Today, the uses of bee pollen provides an astonishing array as it can help with men's prostate disorders, weight loss, menopause problems, loss of libido and also is a greet fount of energy and vitality.

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